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Many people have asked us about the difference between the various Essene type Organizations. Each of the three listed here are distinct and autonomous. Because of similarity of names and doctrines, we are sometimes confused with one another. Although there are many similarities, there are also some major differences. The following comparison may help alleviate some of the confusion about what is promoted and taught among the various groups.

As we bring more information about the origins of Christianity to the public, there are small groups and individuals beginning to use the name Essene and/or Nazarean. We also see souls driven by lower motivations taking advantage of this growing interest in Essenism. Many, calling themselves Essenes and/or Nazoreans, have no real claim to the name and rewrite Essene history to suit their own agenda; some are driven by money and others by titles or domination, but few are actually interested in the legitimate teaching of spiritual enlightenment.

In light of this situation, the Essene Nazarean Church of Mount Carmel seeks to clarify her role in the Restoration of Original Nazorean Essene Christianity and to point out the prominent differences between our Holy Order and other organizations of similar name, teachings, or nature.

Yeshua the Master
Yeshua & Maria
Name of Organization:

The Essene Nazarean Church
Mount Carmel

Essene Church of Christ

Sons Aumen Israel
(originally Suns Ahman Israel)
Auxiliary Titles: B'nai-Amen Temple
the Guardians of Grace
(Inner Order of the Essene Church)
Essene Nazarene Ebionites
Mt Carmel and Alexandria
Ahman's Desert Monastery, New Qumran, Order of Nazorean Essenes (newest name)
Date founded: Conceived in 1975
Realized in January, 1999
1988 S.A.I. - 1981 breakoff of the Evangelical Church of Christ (lead by John Bryant) which was a breakoff of the Utah Mormon Church in 1974
Founder: M. Rev. Brother Jim - Patriarch M. Rev. Dr. David Owen
aka Brother Nazariah, High Priest
Gilbert Clark
(aka David Clark, Davied Israel, Yesai Nasrai, Asayya)
God Names used: Ehyeh, I AM,
Elohim = Father-Mother God
Ehyeh, I AM,
Elohim = Father-Mother God
(Terms used for Abba-Amma; Father-Mother God & Goddess)
Name & status of Jesus: Yeshua Ha Mashiakh (Jesus the Nazorean Messiah), the first creation, Adam Kadmon, Master of Masters, probably celibate and unmarried. Yahshua (Jesus) considered 'married' in a cosmic sense as 'Eternal Consorts' (Saves by giving gnosis, not shedding blood). Yeshu (Jesus) Co-Messiah, married to Miryai, with children. (Saves by giving gnosis, not shedding blood).
Name & status of Mary Magdalene Does not accept Miriam as Ethiopian, equal to Jesus or as a Messiah, but as chief disciple of Yeshua; equal in status to John. Miriam (Mary Magdalene) of Ethiopian descent, considered celibate but Eternal Consort to Yahshua. Shekinah (co-Messiah) Miryai (Mandean female figure), of Jewish descent (not of Ethiopian descent), as Co-redemtrix & equal to Yeshu) Also called Pistis Sophia, Shekinah, Simat Hiia, and full wife of Yeshu.
Webpage Address:
Email address:
Discussion Board: none at present
Location: Cyberspace,
Headquarters in Roosevelt National Forest
Rev. Brother Nazariah
P.O. Box 516
Elmira, OR, 97437
Sons Aumen Israel
Canebeds, AZ 86022
Main Focus: To explore and restore Original Essene Nazorean Christianity, Cyberspace Church, School of the Prophets course (basic and advanced), Mystery School, On-line discussion forum, Ministerial training course for those being called to the Essene Priesthood, establishing Local Orders (churches) around the world as the need arises, cooperative communities as planned. Yearly gatherings, monthly lecture meeting, Ministerial training course.
"A major emphasis is the planting of congregations in various cities which hold weekly/monthly church services; services are now held in eight cities."
Establishment of rural cooperative communities, home study course. Education for those wishing to explore the possibility of living in a spiritual community.
Other focus: Study of ancient texts and rituals, vegetarianism required for membership, meditation, Original Christianity, equality of woman, Female aspect of God. Public promotion of raw vegetarian foods though only basic vegetarianism required for membership. Female aspect of God. Strong gnostic tone. Study of ancient texts and rituals, co-ed monastic life-style, temples, organic farming, meditation, Mandean restoration.
Diet promoted: Veganism, but permit dairy Veganism, but permit dairy Vegan (not all raw) seasonal & self-grown
Scriptures used: Gospel of the Holy Twelve, Essene Gospels of Peace, some Manichaean Texts, Nag Hammadhi Texts, Pythagorean Writings, esoteric Christian texts, Qabbalah, Tibetan Buddhist texts, (also: Bhagavad Gita, Tao Te Ching & a few other texts). Dedicated to preserving original texts. Essene writings & Bible being prepared by Nazariah, also Szekely Essene Gospels of Peace, Gospel of the Holy Twelve (Bhagavad Gita, Mirdad & other texts) Gospel of Thomas, Ginza & other Mandaean, Manichaean, Nag Hammadhi, Tibetan Buddhist, Pistis Sophia & Jeu Books & other texts. Limited use of Szekely & Ouseley.
Use their own rewritten versions of these texts, combines many religions into one.
Type of Order: Traditional Active Contemplative
Comments: For those interested in traditional Essene Nazorean teachings; online education, support and communication, for those not needing multiple Messiah figures; is supportive of existing cooperative communities and promotes natural, rural living for those able to do so.

The Essene Nazarean Church of Mount Carmel and the B'nai Amen Temple in North America stands alone, separate and autonomous, or rather, autocephalous. The Order has no origination from nor association with any other Order claiming the Essene and/or Nazorean name in the United States or Europe.
For those interested in worship of both God and Goddess & both male & female Saviors. (Some hippy-like or Rastafarian-like influence) Annual health orientated gatherings, tapes, and books. For those interested in communal living, acceptance of polygamy, worship of both Yeshu and Miryai (female Mandean figure). Focus on studying ancient texts and ancient rituals. (More Tibetan Buddhist & Mandaean influence than the other two groups; tend to change beliefs and names regularly).

The Nazarenes of  Mount Carmel
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