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To the Essenes, peace meant to be in harmony with the forces of nature. This page is as meant an overview of the earthly and cosmic forces as lived by the ancient Essenes. The forces (called angels) were to be contacted during morning, noon, and evening meditations, 7 days a week. By meditating on each force, one attuned to that level, sending out the highest, purest vibration of harmony, which magnified and returned to the sender.

One is to consider all the aspects and influences of each force in their life, the planet's life, and the lives of all living beings and planets in the cosmos. The Essenes believed man had three areas in need of purification and enlightenment: the "acting" body (the physical), the "feeling" body (the emotional) and the "thinking" body (the mental). They considered the "thinking" body to be in need of the strictest restraint, due to its direct influence over the "feeling and acting" bodies.

There are three fields at play in the teachings. The first level tunes in to the vibration of the planet (the holy stream of Life, performed in the morning), the individual body/cultural vibration (the holy stream of Sound, at noon), then the cosmic/planetary vibration (the holy stream of Light, in the evening). Man was taught to give equal meditative time to each of the three energies, as each of them influence man, and are influenced by him.

As Dr. Szekely so eloquently explains it, when your mind allows itself to think one negative thought, it goes out to tune in to all of the thoughts on the same frequency on the planetary level. The thought then amplifies that force and returns it to the often misunderstanding sender. In other words, if you are depressed and send out the thought, "I am depressed..." that thought goes straight out to the planetary frequency where all others on the same wavelength are thinking the same thing, and resounds back to you, magnified by that number of voices. Ever wonder why you feel so much worse when you send out a bad thought? This is the reason.

It is so important to inspire to the highest thought level possible, and not allow the rest to enter the mind. By sending and meditating on "higher thoughts" your body receives them, the planetary field receives them, and the cosmic field receives them. The produces good and peace throughout the body, planet, and space.

Many a man can conquer the body, heal itself, but our challenge is to excel at sending more peaceful thoughts out to the planetary field, and to learn the cosmic lessons Jesus tried to teach on reaching harmony with the cosmic level, thereby becoming co-creators with God.

Few teachings explain how to scientifically explore and tune in to the Source of all creation, the Cosmic Thought. This can only be done accomplished after much concentration, purification and time. This happens after we've learnt the lessons of the living in harmony with the body and the laws of the Mother Earth. These meditations were the source of tranquility for the ancient Essenes as they are today by those who try as live as they did earlier. They tried to separate themselves from the strife of city life to live communally along the shores and river's edges, to share with their fellow man that there be no poor or rich among them. They took fresh "living" foods grown on local land, fasted as a means of purification and for prophesy, communed with forces of nature, not allowing the downward trends of modern culture to overtake their precious minds. It is even more of a challenge, in this day and age, to live in harmony with nature.&nbs;p; We just try to do our best!

While meditating upon the forces, bless them and ask them to direct and heal you. We are told we have control over the elements to heal us, but our request and our faith is the missing key. Below is brief overview of the two groups, the Earthly Mother's Forces (the planetary), and the Heavenly Father's Forces (the cosmic), as interpreted by Edmond Szekely. The odd blurb and additional interpretation is mine...Joanna

  1. The Sun - is a very important source of energy and its solar power is to be contacted and utilized to the utmost every day in the form that is best for the health and well being of the individual. *spend 10 minutes in the sun each day, palms up.
  2. Water - is an essential element of life. It is to be used in the proper way in diet and a bath in water is to be taken every morning throughout the year.
  3. Air has a tremendous role in the health of the body and as much time as possible is to be spent outdoors breathing pure fresh air and utilizing the energies of the atmosphere for health.
  4. Food is to be of the right kind (local, natural, chemical free) and taken in the right amount to supply another vital force to the organism.
  5. Man was considered to be a force representing each one's right and responsibility toward his own evolution. Each individual is to use every moment to further his progress in life and it is a job which no one can do for him. He is to know, and understand, his own potentialities and find the most practical way of developing and utilizing them in the service of mankind.
  6. Earth represents the two aspects of the generative force which creates more abundant life on the planet. The one creates life from the soil, producing the trees and all vegetation. The other manifests in the sexual energies in man. The individual is to understand and utilize the most optimal ways of growing plants and food, and of a harmonious sexual life.
  7. Health is dependent upon man's harmonious relationship with all the forces of earth, sun, water, air, food, man, earth, and joy. The individual is to realize the importance of good health for his own sake for the sake of others; and he is to practice all ways of improving his health, in thinking, feeling and acting.
  8. Joy is man's essential right and he is to perform all his daily activities with a deep feeling of joy surging within him and radiating around him, understanding its great importance for himself and others.

These are the forces of nature which man is to learn to understand and utilize. The following eight powers of the cosmos are even more important in man's life, for he cannot live in complete harmony with the earthly forces unless he is also in harmony with the heavenly powers.


  1. Power is manifested continually through man's actions and deeds, both of which are the result of his cooperation or lack of cooperation with all other powers and forces, in accord with the iron law of cause and effect. The individual is to understand the importance of good deeds; and he is to realize that his personality, position and environment in life are the result of his past deeds, even as the future will be exactly what his present deeds make it. He is therefore to strive at all times to perform good deeds that express harmony with the laws of both nature and the cosmos.
  2. Love is expressed in the form of gentle and kind worlds to others, which affect the individual's own health and happiness as well as that of others. Sincere love toward all beings is to be manifested by harmonious feelings and words.
  3. Wisdom is manifested in the form of good thoughts and it is man's privilege and right to increase his knowledge and understanding in every way possible so that he may think only good thoughts. He is to seek to grow in order and his own role in it. Only by attaining a degree of wisdom can an individual learn to hold only good thoughts in his consciousness and to refuse to entertain negative, destructive thoughts about any person, place or thing. (whew!)
  4. Preservation of values concerns the power to preserve all that is useful and of true value, whether a tree, plant, house, relationship between people or harmony in any form. When anyone destroys, or lets any good thing go to waste, deteriorate or be damaged, whether material or immaterial, he is cooperating with the negative destructive forces of the world. Every opportunity is to be used to prevent damage to whatever has value.
  5. Creation signifies the necessity for man to use his creative powers, since his role on the planet is to continue the work of the Creator. He is therefore to try to something original and creative, something new and different, as often as he can, whether it is an invention of some kind, a work of art, or anything which will benefit others.
  6. Eternal Life concerns man's sincerity with himself and other in all he does and with all those whom he meets. He is to be deeply sincere in analyzing his relationship, his understanding and utilization of all the forces of nature and the cosmos; and he is to make every effort to evaluate himself honestly as he actually is without rationalizing or justifying the things he does or says or things.
  7. Work is the precondition of many other values. It means the performance of one's daily tasks with care and efficiency. It is an individual's contribution to society and a precondition of happiness for all concerned, for when one person does not perform his work properly, others have to do it. Man is to learn to have a deep feeling of satisfaction in his work so that he may return to society all he receives from it.
  8. Peace is to be created and maintained by every individual within and around himself that he may be an instrument in helping to prevent inharmony, enmity, and wars, since the condition of the whole of humanity depends upon the condition of its atoms, the individuals who compose it. The individual is to feel deeply the need for this inner peace and to do all he can to establish and maintain it wherever he is.

The person who evaluates himself according to these sixteen elements of life will know clearly wherein his personal development may be improved, and in what ways he can help more fully in the evolution of humanity. By so doing he will move further toward his final goal, the goal toward which all mankind is moving, union with the Heavenly Father. Dr. Edmond Szekely.

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