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Was Jesus an Essene? Why wasn't He a textbook Essene?

Yes, Jesus was taught by the Essenes, but came to set the record straight. That meant setting the Essenes straight as well. He was radical, and not popular with anyone of strong religious doctrine for a couple of different reasons. First, he would learn everything there was about their teaching, and then show them the error of their ways. Second, he didn't believe in what the Jewish religion was based upon, specifically animal sacrifice, and studying of he called "dead scripture." Jesus in honoured the precious, sacred essence contained in all things, whether that be of the earth or cosmos origin.

Our challenge is to live in harmony and oneness with both the Earth and the Universe. This is called The Way.

Was He Accepted by the Clergy of the Day?

It was trying for the theologians of the day to accept the simpleness of Jesus' teachings (The Father is Love, the Mother is Love, the Son of Man is Love...), yet the complexity of the idea that all people, all living things, are already sacred. The religious men believed the old tales that we "born in sin" (see Sitchen...) and therefore we were far less than the Ancient Ones, who lived far earlier. Jesus came to tell us we were infinitely closer to God than we could ever imagine, because his sacred current, His streams of life already flow through us every second of every day, or we simply would cease to exist. All we need to do is become a conductor of the Highest Spiritual current.... to purify physical body, refrain from wasting our spirit sexually, to discipline our mind upon ONE GOD, that we may be efficient at channelling the Light of God outward, then teach others The Way.

What Do the Essene Gospels of Peace Say about Other Texts?

There were many fragments of the same text found in many different places and in different languages. When Edmond Szekely found the one in the Vatican, he recognized it as being part of the same story as the others. The one he translated from Aramaic was complete, another exists in Slavonic, and fragments abound.

It doesn't matter how many copies survived, the message is still the same. And that message has been only partially placed in the bible. And the cut-paste method appears to have been used with what is left. I don't know about you, but I REALLY wanted to know what Jesus had to say. After all, I was raised to love, even worship this man, and still close my prayers 'in Jesus name.' Thankfully, you can still find those teachings, and they're on the web if you want to order them. (Essene Books - Szekely)

Is There Any Connection Between the Teachings of Jesus and the Yin and Yang?

Completely. The more you understand that...

There are always two sides - not opposing, but dependent upon the other for existence.

There is the Third in every creation - the two are always creating the third (the

Jesus deeply revered the female principle and begins by saying that we all need to learn to live within the rules of the mother before we can progress to learning the rules of the father. The Universal Laws are not personal. If you hit a person's knee, it jumps. That is how it is when you think a certain thing, act a certain way. It has not choice but to respond. This is a very empowering message for those who will accept it. Jesus came here to teach how to live not in the grace of god, but as graceful gods.

If you understand Eastern concepts, your will recognize his lessons immediately. He brings his knowledge of the opposites across in such a way that it makes sense to us now. Perhaps people at that time would not have had the understanding of positive and negative without hm using the earth and universe as the example. They are, objiously, a fine example and do fit within the same mould as, say, the cell. But the discussion on positive and negative ions, or DNA, may have been lost on them.

The Deeper Yin and Yang

What is positive and what is negative? When we discuss the yin and yang, and if you meditate on it long enough, you will see the _point_ where the one becomes the other. I prefer not to bend my mind this way (anymore, I've done it enough), because it bends your mental brain cells! But, it's necessary to see this fact. One is always becoming the other, and then it goes the other way. It is the natural breath of life.

To live a positive life on this level, we need to surround ourselves with the healing power of the negative. Negative ions are what I refer to here. Jesus talks about us cleansing ourselves with the angels of the sun, water, and air. Each of these things cause increasing amounts of ozone and neg ions to enter our body, which, act in accordance to nature to heal our inner cells. When you heal the inside, you also heal the mind and the soul, because one cannot exist without the other. The positive and negative is evident in everything he says. When he explains to you about the Father and the Mother, he explains to the relevation of the cells, the relevation of the planets. This, again, is Eastern in the understanding that microcosm runs in the same geometric fashion as the macrocosm. The cells in your body work the same way as the cells we call planets.

With the knowledge we now have of pos-ions and neg-ions, and their effect on life and human health, we need to put this enlightening information into place, into the forefront. We need to be aware of the spiritual nature of our lives, and That means pressing for the ultimate solution for cleansing and restoring our planet, using ozone and ions for clean-up, and not duming unhealthy substances down the gullet, or the drain. The 5:4 ratio of pos/neg ion is the norm on this planet (in a field, after the rain), and we need to maintain tha balance.

Who Were the Angels ?

Angels are special forces held within all of nature. They are NOT beings that fly in the sky, although these beings may have and could still exist. Read what Jesus said about angels, and my explanation to follow. Angels Who Are We? All things register in our body, which can be read as a poem, a number, a song, a picture, or in any number of translatable ways. Our life is "registered" in a big register called the Akashic records, and stored on another level.


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