The Mandaean Book of John the Baptizer

Chapter 10.

John`s Invulnerability.

Yahya proclaims in the nights, Yõhãnã on the night`s evenings.

Yahya proclaims in the nights and speaks;
"Is there any one greater than I? They measure my works ; my wage
is assayed and my crown, and my praise brings me on high in peace."

Yaqif leaves the house of the people, Beni-Amin leaves the temple, Elizar,
the great house, leaves the dome of the priests.
The priests spake unto Yahya in Jerusalem :

"Yahya, go forth from our city! Before thy voice quaked the house of the people,
at the sound of thy proclamations the temple did quake, at the sound of
thy discourse quaked the priests dome"

Thereon Yahya answered the priests of Jerusalem:

" Bring fire and buirn me, bring sword and hew me in pieces."

But the priests in Jerusalem answered to Yahya :

" Fire does not burn thee, O Yahya, for Life`s Name has been uttered o`er thee.
A sword does not hew thee in pieces, O Yahya, for Life`s Son rests here upon thee"

And Life is Victorious.


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