The Mandean Book of John the Baptizer

Chapter 3.

John`s Light-Sleep.

Yahya proclaims in the nights, Yôhânâ on the Night`s evenings.

Yahya proclaims in the nights and says:

In the name of Him who is wondrous and all-surpassing!
The Sun sat in his Court and the Moon sat in the Dragon.
The Four Winds of the House get them gone on their wings
and blow not.

The Sun opened his mouth and spake unto Yahya:
Thou hast three headbands and a crown which equals
in worth the whole world. Thou hast a ship of Mashklil, which
sails about here on the Jordan. Thou hast a great vessel which
sails about here twixt the Waters (above the firmament).
If thou goest to the House of the Great One, remember us in the Great`s prescense.

Thereupon Yahya opened his mouth and spake to the Sun in Jerusalem:
Thou enquirest about the headbands, may the Perfect watch over thy Crown.
This Mashklil-ship they have carpented together with glorious splendour.
On the vessel that sails twixt the Waters, the seal of the King has been set.
She who in thy house plays the wanton, ggoes hence and approaches
the dung-house ; She seeks to have children from her own proper spousem
and she does not find them. If she then has fulfilled her vow, and she depart,
she is unworthy of the House of the Life and will not be allotted to the Light Dwelling.

And Praised be Life.



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