Mandaic Alphabet

All Qabbalistic and Gnostic traditions have traditionally placed great emphasis on the mystical meaning of each individual letter of their alphabets. Mandeaens are no exception.

O (A) - the Highest of all - Perfection, Light and Life, the beginning and end of all things.

Ba - (Ab). The Great Father - Abba.

Ga - (I) : Gauriil Ishliha - "Gabriel the Messenger." (II):Gimra anat Gmira - "Perfection thou art Perfect."

Da - Dirka - "the way" or "law". Dharma.

Ha - (I): Hiia rbia. "The Great Life" (II): Hibil Ziwa.

Wa - "Weyli!" (Wailh). "Woe to him who listens not to the language of light!"

Za - Ziwa. " Radiance, splendid and active Light"

Eh - ("This Letter is so sacred that it is not much employed. It represents the Eye of God.")

T'a - (I) Tab - "Good" (pronouned Tau) (II) "It is a bird representing the soul leaving the body to return."

Ya - (I) Yowmono - "the day" (II) Yamin - "the right" - the right is symbolic of Light.

Ka - (I) Klila - "The Myrtle Wreath". (II) Kushta - "Truth, right-dealing, righteous".

La - (I) Lishan - "the tongue which praises."

Ma - Mana Rba Kabira. - "The Great First Mind or Soul"

Na - Nhura - "Light".

Sa - Simat Hiia - "the mother of all life"

` - Ain - "the Eye or Fountain" (a vowel, not a guttural).

Pa - Pira anat Haiy - "Thou art the tree of Life"

S'a - S'auta abar qadmaiia. "Thou art the First Voice (sound)"

Qa - Qala anat qadmaiia d' Hiia -. "Thou art the first cry of Life"

[Ra - ?]

Sha - Shamish (the sun spirit).

Ta - Toba - "repentance".

Adu - ? (possessive particular.)
A - O ; first letter.

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