Ginza Rba

(Great Treasure 32 - 72)


("The raising up")

(i.e. spiritual resurrection or ceremony to aid the ascent of the soul )


In the name of the Great Life may there be healing for me, Adam-Yuhana son of Mahnush!

Strengthened, enhanced was the great mystery of radiance, light and glory dwelling on the mouth of the First Life, for from It came forth Manda-d-Hiia (Knowledge-of-Life). For he knew and interpreted the thoughts of the First Life and perceived that they are wondrous.

And Life be praised!

[Recite this prayer and hold thy stole for the masiqta.]


In the name of the Life!

Water of Life art thou! Thou art come from the Place which is life-giving and art poured forth from the House of Life.

(At thy) coming, Water-of-Life, from the House of Life, the good come and refresh themselves, (but) the wicked are discomfited and the children of (this) world abashed and say "Is there (not?) room for us in the Place of Light? For those that seek (ask) of it find, and those who speak of it are heard".

We have sought and found and we have spoken and been heard in thy presence, Manda-d-Hiia, lord of healings. As water when poured out falleth on the earth, so (too) so doth evil fall abased before good. As the water falleth on the earth, so shall their sins, trespasses, follies, stumblings and mistakes be loosed from those who love the name of Truth (kushta) and from the souls of this masiqta, and from (the souls of) our fathers, teachers, brothers and sisters who have departed the body, and those who (still) live in the body And say "Established is Life (or "the living") in Its (their) dwelling".

And Life is victorious.

[This is the mambuha prayer]


Hail to the First Life before Whom none existed, the Sublime from worlds of light, the Ineffable which is above all works; to the Ancient Radiance and the Great Primal Light, the Life which emanated from Life and the Truth that was of old, from the beginning. Hail the ancient, lofty, esoteric and guarded father of 'uthras. Hail Yuzataq, Gnosis of Life, Source of Life; He who unveileth the silence, giveth hope and keepeth the prayers of the spirits and souls of righteous and believing men into the Place of Light. Hail to the life of sincere and believing men who have come to their end and departed the body, and hail to those who are still alive in the body. May the gate of sin be barred to them and the gate of light be open for them. May they be knit together in the communion of Life in which there is no separation.

Pray ye from there for us and we will pray from here for you. All fruits wither: all sweet odours pass away, but not the fragrance of Gnosis of Life, which cometh not to an end nor passeth away for an age of ages and for world without end. May the souls of this masiqta rise up without sin, trespass, folly, stumbling and mistake unto the Place of Light and to the Enduring Abode.

And Life be praised!

[Read this ordinance for the incense and cast it on the fire. Then recite the prayers for the masiqta.]


In the name of the Life!

I sought to lift my eyes, shoulders and arms towards the Place which is all life, radiance and glory, the place where which is all life, radiance, light and glory; a place where they who seek of it find, those who speak of it are heard and to those who ask of it, it is given them, day by day and hour by hour. This hour I address to thee, my Lord, Manda-d-Hiia, a vital petition, large and not small, for this congregation of people who have bent their knees to the ground and stretched forth their hands to the intermediate and upper (worlds). They have forsaken images, pictures and idols of clay, gods (made) of blocks of wood , and vain rites, and have testified to the name of the great, strange (sublime) Life. To them the gate of sin is closed and for them the gate of life is open. May our request, our prayer and our humble submission rise before the supreme Life which is above all works.

Before thee (in thy sight) all hands are thieving, all lips have lied. Water is in the jordan. Before thee (in thine eyes), Manda-d-Hiia, no man is clean: we are slaves who are all sin, and thou a lord who art all mercy. When thou art with us, who shall conquer us and if thou justifiest us who will convict us? Judge us not after the fashion of earthly courts of law; despise us not for our follies and associate us not with the false rites practised by the worlds and generations.

The worlds thrust hard at us, but we fell not. Backed by the Truth which is thine own, we have perfect confidence.

Establish life, and wilt thou not establish human beings? Thou hast spoken to us in thy Word and hast commanded us with thy command "Ask on earth and I will supply you with heavenly fruit : ask from below, (from) reed , swamp and mud, and I will supply you from the lofty heavens. Make supplication with the fleshly right hand, and I will bring you (what ye asked) with the right hand of kushta.

The first (generations) sought and found: let those that come after seek, and they will find. Seek and find for yourselves, for your friends, for your friends' friends and for those who love the great Family of Life. Your eyes shall not turn away from me unsatisfied.''

Thou art the father of all the 'uthras, the Support which is all light, the Vine which is all Life and the great Tree which is all things. For Thou knowest hearts, understandest minds and searchest out consciences (even) in the nethermost hells of darkness. Like a servant lying prostrate before Thee, our eyes are lifted to Thee, our lips give Thee praise and blessing seven hours of the day and the three watches of the night.

Those who seek of Him find, and to those who ask of Him it will be given. For to him that standeth at a closed door Thou wilt open the closed door. In the Place of Light Thou wilt wipe away and remove from us our sins, trespasses, follies, stumblings and mistakes and wilt cast them into the hells of the earth and the nethermost limbos of darkness. Thou wilt raise us up as sinless and not as guilty, as virtuous and not as vicious before thee, Manda-d-Hiia.

The good behold and are refreshed: the wicked are discomfited and the children of (this) world abashed. And they say "Is there no place for me in the Place of Light, since those who seek therefrom find, and ask thereof and it is given them?"

We beseech thee to let some of thy radiance, thy light and thy glory rest upon us. Thou art the Healer above all means of healing, a Raiser-up above (all) that raiseth up, a Radiance above all radiancies and a light above all lights. For thou openest doors of truth and revealest mysteries and wisdom and showest forth mighty deeds in Jerusalem. Thou confinest demons and devils and frightenest away the gods from their high places. Great is thy name and praised is thy name! Thou art the counterpart of the Life, for thou wast in existence before all. Thou art the Vine, for thou wast in the Ether above heaven and above the earth. When worlds came into being and creations were called forth, thou didst hold in thy grasp the worlds and generations. Thou hast laid down a road for sincere and believing men to the Place of Life. (Though) spirits and souls sit (here) as guilty, (yet) by thy name they shall rise as innocent, (thy name of) Yuzataq-Manda-d-Hiia. To support the hands of good people, thou wilt be (bring?) healing of life to the souls of this masiqta Life is established in its indwellings and Life is victorious.

[This prayer is good for all occasions: (it may be used) on occasion for the Rahmia (daily office), or for the masiqta, or for baptism and for all purificatory rites. For the masiqta, after thou hast recited over the pandamta, "water of prayer" and the ordinance for the incense, pray "We have acknowledged", "Praises", "To Thee", "Lifting eyes" and "I sought to raise my eyes". And prepare the pihta, mambuha and klila (wreath) and set them out for the masiqta. And recite the ordnance for the oil, (placed) in something clean : in a glass or tin cup when washed and cleansed. And recite the masiqta.]


In the name of the Life!

I worship, laud and praise that great, secret, First Mana who abode for nine hundred and ninety-nine thousand myriads of years alone in his own Abode - for no Companion came to him ; (none existed) save that great, secret, First Mana. For he came into existence therein and developed therein.

Then I worship, laud and praise that great, occult, First Drop who emanated from Him. They existed, (but) She abode for four hundred and forty-four thousand myriads of years in Her own Abode, alone, for She had no consort.

Then I worship, laud and praise Pirun, that great occult first Vine from whom there emanated eight hundred and eighty eight thousand myriads of 'uthras.

>From Them and from those 'uthras proceeded one 'uthra, whose name is the Great Countenance of Glory who is (at once) less than his brethren and more venerable than his parents. Manda-d-Hiia, the well-prepared 'uthra, divulged and revealed and said "Any Nasoraean man who sitteth to recite "Established is the First Life" and breaketh bread will receive condemnation from the House of Life,"

And I am established, in the light of Life and Life is victorious.


I worship, laud, and praise that Occult, great First Cloud of Life, with whom in secret, he broke bread and gave thereof in secret to the Occult Life and to the Mighty First Life.

And Life if victorious.


I have worshipped and praised Yawar-Ziwa, who arose and praised that great mighty Mana at whose right and left hand there stand four hundred and forty-four thousand myriads of 'uthras. A thousand myriads of 'uthras, sons of light, worship and laud the rays of his Radiance.

He arose and broke bread in secret and gave thereof to the sons of men and establisheth his Abode in secret.

And Life is victorious.


I worship, laud and praise that secret saying which Yawar pronounced secretly. He made it known, and divulged and established a Life-ray therein. Radiance and light came and dwelt at his right and glory and resplendence dwelt at his left. And the 'uthras en- treated the Life that they might behold the Likeness of Yawar-Ziwa in their own glory.

Yawar-Ziwa the vigilant 'uthra divulged and revealed and said "Sixty-four sins daily will be forgiven a Nasoraean man who repeats this secret saying, in the Great Place of Life and the Lasting Abode".

And Life is praised.


I have worshipped and praised 'Usar, who broke bread for the hidden first 'uthras, so that they (find) rest in their hearts.

The holy 'uthras stood in their dwellings and praise the mighty Life in its Dwelling, adorable in Its radiance and wondrous in Its light.

I worshipped and praised that supreme First Vine, for within it is its Sap : its leaves are 'uthras and its tendrils rays of light. 'Uthras sit in its shade. And within the great first Cloud of Light there came into existence, within the Treasure-of-Light there was generated, the Secret Mana.

And Life be praised.


I worshipped and praised Treasure-of-Light, the great Awaker (yawar) of Life, who broke bread in the Hidden and gave (thereof) to the Mighty First Life in Its Dwelling. I praised the seven mystic precious and preserved manas who derived existence from Their Place and were transplanted from Their Treasure-house. I worshipped and praised the mighty First Life that transported Itself from Its Place, transferred itself from its own Treasurehouse in which it came into existence, was developed, dwelt and was established; and (whereof) It discoursed and wherein It had gloried.

It praiseth and speaketh, "Every Nasoraean who reciteth these secret sayings will seek and find, will speak and be heard seven times daily. And seven sins will be forgiven him in the great Place of Light and Eternal Abode."

And Life be praised!


I worship, laud and praise that first secret Word which Yawar imparted in secret. He expounded and explained it and established therein that which is living, Rays (of his light). And Yawar said "Enlightenment and praise have come to pass". And Yawar came and his glory rested upon his own shkinta. Radiance and Light came and were established before him : Glory and Enlightenment came and dwelt at his right hand. And the 'uthras ask the Life to behold the appearance of Yawar-Ziwa in their (its?) radiance, and to commend the prayer and praise which they pronounced to Shilmai and Nidbai, the 'uthras who are the two messengers of Manda-d-Hiia

Yawar hath said, "Every Nasoraean who repeateth this secret prayer seven times daily, seven sins a day shall be forgiven him. And Life abideth in its Dwelling".

Life is victorious.


Thou art enduring, First Life before Whom no being had existence, Unearthly One from worlds of light, Supreme Being that art above all works, above the Ancient Radiance and above the First Light; above the life which emanated from Life and above the Truth (kushta) which was of old in the Beginning!

Thou, Manda-d-Hiia, hast established for thy chosen that which thou hast revealed to us from the book Nhur (Be light) and front Pta usra (They revealed treasure from the first treasure and from 'Usar Nhura (Treasure of Light), a solace, a great support of life, that which shineth in light, the light of which enlighteneth.

It (Manda, gnosis) came into being, was revealed, fulfilled and went forth in strength abundant and became mighty by growth of knowledge It increased in radiance and was full of light which proceeded from the Counterpart (?) of Life, a wondrous counterpart!

Thereupon the worlds were ashamed, for none had seen its like, its brilliance or its glory.

Kushta standeth by his friends and Manda-d-Hiia by his chosen ones.

For thou hast chosen (us), host taken us out of the world of hatred, envy and disputes and hast set us firmly on paths of truth and faith, so that we stand and praise the holy and guarded place. And he who partaketh of this bread (pihta), put out (for him) will be sinless in the Place of Light, the Everlasting Abode.

And Life is victorious.

[These are the prayers appointed for the pihta].


Biriawish, source of living waters, first upsurging that sprang forth, great outburst of the radiance of all-abundant Life! (Be) life for the souls of this masiqta.

[This is the appointed prayer for the mambuha, If there are (several) souls, read as written; if one soul say 'for this the soul of N.']


Thy name, (O) Life, is excellent: its glory is great, its light abundant, Its goodness came over (or overflowed), inaugurating the First Mystery, life which proceeded from Life and Truth which existed before the beginning. This is a wellspring of life which sprang forth from the Place of Life: we drink thereof, of this Fount of Life which Life transmitted was established in the House of Life, which crossed worlds, came, cleft the heavens and was revealed.

Thou hast shown us that which the eye of man hath not seen, and caused us to hear that which human ear has not heard. Thou hast freed us from death and united us with life, released us from darkness and united us with light, led us out of evil and joined us to good. Thou hast shown us the Way of Life and hast guided our feet into ways of truth and faith so that Life cometh and expelleth darkness and goodness cometh and casteth out evil. (Like) the mingling of wine with water, so may Thy truth, thy righteousness and thy faith be added to those who love Thy name of Truth,

And Life be praised.

[This is the set prayer for the mambuga (sacramental drink). Make the pihta and the mambuha and place them (ready for) the masiqta, and then make the myrtle wreath.]


In the Name of Life!

The Light became light, the Light became light! The Light became the light of the First Life. Glory dawned and (there was) praise of the Mana who came from his Place. He came (with) all ether-wreath, with benefits that are from the Place of Light and the Everlasting Abode. Yufin-Yufafin was the weaver of the wreath ; she who brought it was 'Nisbat'-Utria (She- planted i.e. was the mother of uthras). And he who set wreath on was 'It-Yawar-Ziwa (There-is- dazzling-Radiance) son of 'Nisbat-'Utria: he brought it and set it on the head of the Mana, planted it (there) so that it was set up (thereon).

The wreath flames and the leaves of the wreath flame. Before the Mana there is radiance, behind the Mana there is light and glory, at either side of the Mana are radiance, brilliance and purity ; and at the four corners of the heavens and on the seven sides of the firmament dwell silence, bliss and glory.

And Life is victorious.


Enlightened and enlightening are words of light to the souls of this masiqta. Sure, assured, armed and prepared, resplendent and beauteous (are they) when the wreath with its mysteries is set on the heads of these souls of this ascent (masiqta) to the great gate of Abathur's house. They will open to them the great gate of Abathur's house and will guard them by secret and watchful manas.

And Life be praised!

[These two prayers are said over the myrtle-wreath in the masiqta.]


In the name of the Life!

Manda-d-Hiia went to the stars. His appearance loosed the bound (souls): he knit (them into?) the communion that is without parting and without limit or number, by his word which issued from him in that place. All the worlds were confounded: the works of the House were destroyed and there was security for sons of the Great Family of Life.

He planted his planting and descended to the earth, (where) the hand of Evil, of the Lord of the House, lay heavy upon them. And when wickedness oppressed them, they beheld his radiance, and some of the celestial fruits appeared to them, the strength and name of the Ineffable One Who is all light was revealed to them and some of His glory was communicated to them and Knowledge of Life (Manda-d-hiia) was revealed to all who love his name of Truth at the place which is wholly (inhabited by) those convicted of sin. And when they beheld him, the lords of the worlds were con- founded but did not, from their thrones, loose (the bonds of) the captives.

He passed by: the captives were freed. He loosed them from their sins and trespasses: yea, release from their bodies was made possible to them. And (as for) the lords of the House who looked on, their ranks were discomfited and they were unable to reach him. Yea, the name of Abathur was (set) over them and the name of Yuzataq-Manda-d-Hiia was fulfilled and revealed to those who love his name. And his name shall (aid) the souls of this masiqta: it will be his name. And Life is victorious.

[This is the recitation appointed for the masiqta. Read it over pure oil in something (pure ?) and place it before thee and then read the masiqta.]


In the name of the Strange (Sublime) Life!

This, the glory and light of life, is to bring forth the spirit and soul from the body and to clothe the living soul in a living garment. Yea, she is solaced and liveth, the counterpart of Life, she that emanated from a Dimat of Life, with the Outer Life, with Hauraran and Karkawan-Ziwa, with Treasure-of-Light, the solace and great support of life, with life that emanated from the Life and with the truth which existed of old in the beginning, They live in their shecinahs, and the Great Light (abideth) in its purities.

When any human being departeth from his body, there come towards him seven godlike appearances , and each standeth by his own, And Sauriel the Releaser cometh -- he who releaseth spirit and soul from the body. Up there, with those works, he standeth with the vesture of Yuzataq-Manda-d-Hiia which releaseth (the soul). And Hauraran and Karkawan-Ziwa remove from her that in her which is of the body, and she putteth on the dress of Yuzataq- Manda-d-Hiia. Garment on garment she putteth on, she arrayeth herself in robe after robe, When she weareth the vesture of Yuzataq- Manda-d-Hiia there, she laugheth, rejoiceth, leapeth for joy, danceth, exulteth and is overjoyed about the glorious splendour resting (upon her) and the glory that accrueth to her.

Onward she goeth in the vesture of Yuzataq-Manda-d-Hiia, The planets who are in their places were out of coutenance on seeing it: they clenched their fists, beat on the forecourt of their breasts and say "Woe on (us) planets! for they (we) are powerless, but the works of Their hands are victorious!"

And they say "How beautiful is this radiancy, how steadfast this light, how lovely this glory and how wondrous this appearance!" And they ask "who will clothe us with this radiance ? Who will cover us with this light and who will shed on us this glory ? And what is it that passeth before us in this guise ? for it is fair, shining and bright: in this world nothing made can be compared to it!" And they exclaim "How good is Kushta to the good, and Manda-d-Hiia to all his chosen, (those) who stand in their bodies and dedicate themselves to the name of the Life and to becoming (thus)!"

She goeth on in the vesture of Yuzataq-Manda-d-Hiia and they let those deeds of hers pass by and (escape) the hands of all the planets.

And on she went and reached Abathur's house of detention, (Abathur), the Ancient, Lofty, Holy and Guarded one. There his scales are set up and spirits and souls are questioned before him as to their names, their signs, their blessing, their baptism and every- thing that is therewith.

The soul of N. hath entered the House of Abathur and hath given her name, her sign, her blessing, her baptism and everything that is therewith!

The souls of our fathers were signed with the sign of Life and the name of the Life and the name of Manda-d-Hiia was pronounced over them. They put them in the scales, putting in their deeds and rewards I) and weighed them. And the perfect went in (also), the spirit with the soul, but they took them out (for they were) clean. Radiance issued from the radiance of Abathur and clothed them and they brought light and covered their (therewith).

(Like them) she (the soul) put on garment on garment and robe over robe like the vestments of Abathur. There she laugheth, rejoiceth, leapeth for joy, danceth, exulteth and is overjoyed about the glorious splendour which resteth (on her) and accrueth to her . And she proceedeth in the vesture of Yuzataq-Manda-d-Hiia and went on and reacheth the watch-house (house of detention) of four beings, sons of perfection, 'In-Hai, Sum-Hai, Ziv-Hai and Nhur-Hai . Each of these beings clotheth her with his radiance and each covereth her with his light. Garment on garment she putteth on, with garment after garment doth she clothe herself. When she puts on the vesture of the sons of perfection she laugheth, rejoiceth, leapeth for joy, danceth, exulteth and is overjoyed about the glorious splendour, the honour resting on and belonging to her.

She proceeded in the vesture of Yuzataq-Manda-d-Hiia and went onwards and reached the Waters of Death . The waters covered her, (but) Radiance crossed over- his name abode in his shkinta : honoured and chosen, he created himself - and said "Life, I am Thine, and for Thy name's sake came I forth from the world of Pthahil, from amongst evil plots and from beneath the throne of Abathur the Ancient, so that we tray bring out this soul of N, of this masiqta (so that) she cometh before him".

He is the ray of the great radiance of Life, a being who resteth upon the shkinta, and upon shkinta doth his name rest. He graspeth her with the palm of his right hand and handeth her over to two 'uthras, sons of light, to Adatan and Yadatan, of one gnosis and one mind. And Adatan and Yadatan hand her over to two 'uthras, to 'Usar-Hai and to Pta-Hai who open the Door of Life, plant the plant of Life and establish the first counterpart of the House of Life. They raised her up beside the living they bring her in, in the likeness of Life they support her in the Place where radiance, like light, flameth. And the spirits of N. went and became of the same nature as the soul and was established in the House of Life.

And Life is victorious.


Rightly did the baptist baptise me (in the waters of?) Yaluz-Yaluz for their spring is Hammamulai. My name, Ksasar-Hamamulai is spoken, disseminated, guarded, hidden and pure. They (the waters?) knew the source from which they proceeded: its name was on the sky, its glory on the earth. For upon treasure, in treasure, the Great Life existed and was fulfilled in Its glory.

I sit on a perfected garment and by the great fountainhead of Yukabar-Hiia, beneath a Vine which riseth above me. Praise-of-Life standeth before me. "Who will manifest himself and come and speak to me?" "I am he who is manifest, for I am great". The life that is beneath me is the Vine which riseth above me, Praise-of-Life standeth before me. This is my name and my sign which I received from waves of water and from treasures of radiance and from the great and lofty Mixing-Bowl (?).

And Life is victorious.


In the name of the Life!

I am baptised in the name of the Strange Life, the Sublime (Being) above all works. I am established in the name of Treasure-of-Light. "I looked upon the Life and the Life looked upon me, and in the Life put I my trust. When this the soul of N. casteth off her bodily garment, she shall put on the dress of life and become a facsimile of the Great Life in light." Yawar from the House of Life revealed (himself?) and shone forth , establishing his counterpart, transplanting the Great Life in his light. The worlds thrust at us, but we fell not; backed by Thy truth, we have confidence. The first sprout hath burst forth - a ray of the great radiance of Life in its triumphs; Truth (kushta) and the great Source (kana) of its glory. And Life be praised!


Whose son am I? (Of?) the guarded Mana who is Yusmir, the First Great Radiance, son of the great Primal Life, who pondered and went forth seeking His own, that which came from Him. The congregation of souls, on the last day, when departing from their bodies, rejoice in Him, embrace Him and rising up, behold the outer ether and the enduring Abode and praise the Great Life in Its light.

And Life is victorious!


A letter, union and victory have come to this the soul of N. from the House of Life. Its fastening is water, its wreath is light, its weapon the living word, and its seal the Chosen, the Pure One. Every man who openeth it and readeth therein shall live, be whole, and his name will beset up in the House of Life in the name of the Great Sublime Life. And the First Life is established in Its shkinta. [This is the seal of the masiqta. Up to this point recite the masiqta, and here take the pihta and break off a morsel from one upper fatira and the undermost fatira and bring a portion of the Ba and fold them together. And mingle the "water of prayer" with the wine and recite over them "Yukasar chose her (the soul) who passeth over" and recite "The Life spoke and opened" and part thy pandama and eat thy pihta and drink thy mambuha and recite "The Water of Life burst forth in splendour in its shkinta.]


Yukasar chose her that passeth (crosseth) over; he chose her, called her forth and established her. He clothed her in radiance ineffable and brought light abounding and covered her therewith. He raised her up to the Great Place of Light and the everlasting Abode, and in his own shkinta his (the dead man's) soul was assigned (a place) and found rest in his treasure. Living waters (water of Life) from the House of Life burst forth (in splendour ) and (like them?) shall shine forth the souls who are called upon, raised up and signed in this masiqta, (the souls of) our fathers, teachers, brothers and sisters who have departed the body, and of those who still live in the body. They shall rise upward on a smooth road and by the path of the perfect, shall behold the Place of Light and the everlasting Abode and be established by Him who opened (revealed) the great first light.

And Life is victorious.


The Great Life spoke and revealed (opened ) with His mouth, in His own radiance light and glory. And Life be praised.

[This is for the loosing of the pandama. Recite this "Yukasar chose her who passeth over" over the "water of prayer" and wine when they are mingled together. If it is for (several) souls that he has recited read as written, but if for a single soul say "the soul of N. , shall be awakened" . And say "The Great Life spoke and opened with His mouth'' and part thy pandama, eat thy pihta and drink thy mambuha. And recite "The living water shone forth in its place" then rise, and read one prayer after another until the (prayer) ''Yukasar chose her that passeth over" hath been offered up.]


In the name of the Life!

Living waters shone forth (in splendour) in their shkinta. The robes of the good were resplendent in their place. The great Mana was dazzlingly bright in His glory. So (too) shall these living, (brightly) shining, steadfast and vigorous souls shine in splendour in the great Place of Light and the Everlasting Abode. [This is a prayer of dedication for the "water of prayer"]


Fragrant incense riseth to its place and Thou, Life, be victorious! The Forgiver of sins, trespasses, follies, stumblings and mistakes will forgive all those who love his name of Truth (kushta) (likewise) the soul of N.

And Life is victorious.

[A dedication prayer for the incense]


In the name of the Life!

Praised be the First Life, praised be the Word of the First Life: praised be that radiance, light and glory; praised be that Light which is boundless and endless and none know when it came into being. Praised be the Lord of Greatness and praised be all the 'uthras that stand to the right and left of the Lord of Greatness and praise the Lord of Greatness. Praised be my father Yawar, praised be all the 'uthras who stand and praise my father Yawar. Praised be that great first Jordan in which the First Life was baptised. Praised be all jordans of living water: praised be the fruits, grapes and trees which stand by them. Praised be all the mighty and lofty worlds of light; praised be all those sanctuaries (shkinata) of the Hidden for in each and every shkinta sit a thousand thousand 'uthras, ('uthras) without end, and the myriad myriad sanctuaries that are countless. Praised are those thousand thousand 'uthras without end and the myriad myriad sanctuaries beyond count.

Praised be all those banners of radiance, light and glory unfurled before them which give them light. Praised be the great gate of the House of Abathur; praised be all 'uthras who stand before Abathur and praise him. Praised be the three hundred and sixty scales which are set up before the ancient Abathur; praised be that first great Scales that was set up before Abathur the Ancient. Praised be that great occult Drop from which he proceeded. Praised be all 'uthras who sit upon thrones of rest and recite ordinances and masiqtas and secret prayers. Praised be those recitations, masiqtas, and secret prayers in which the Great (Life) is praised. Praised be those priests who sit with them.

Praised be all mountains of radiance, light and glory; praised be all roads and paths of light.

First Life! Lift up Thine eyes upon these souls called upon, raised up and signed in this masiqta and (the souls of) our father, brothers and sisters who have departed the body, and of those who still tarry in the body. Deliver them, save them and protect them from this world of the wicked and from those watch-houses (purgatories). Let thy mercy, Great First Life, rest upon them. And ye shall say "Life is established in its indwellings".

And Life is victorious.

[This is an offering-up of supplications. It is the dedicatory prayers of the masiqta. Pray "We have acknowledged", "Praises", "Thee, Thyself", "Raising eyes" and "I sought to raise my eyes". If thou recitest for (several) souls read as written, if it is one soul say "Lift thine eyes upon the soul of N"].


Life is fulfilled in its own glory and the Great Light established by its victories.

[This is the prayer offered up for the pihta].


The Great Life dwelleth in those that love Him, and His devotees dwell in the Great Place of Light and the Everlasting Abode.

And Life be praised!

[This is the dedicatory prayer for the mambuha.]


An earthly wreath fadeth, but the wreath of Life is fresh and living. The wreath of an elect righteous man is set and shineth on the heads of those who love the name of Truth (kushta). The wreath is from the world of light and the robe from the Everlasting Abode. The ether-wreath is set, with its purities, and shineth on the heads of these souls of this masiqta.

And Life is victorious.

[This is the prayer put up for the wreath of a masiqta. If thou recitest for several souls, read as written, but if for a single say "on the head of this soul of N."]


The worlds glisten (with costly) oil, but Nasoraeans shine with the radiance of Life.

And Life is victorious.


In great radiance am I immersed and in steadfast light am I established. Manda baptised me, Kushta confirmed me. A letter, communication (communion) and purity came to me from the House of Life. Its fastening is water, its wreath is light, its weapon the living word, and its seal the chosen, pure one. Every man who openeth it and readeth therein shall live, shall be whole and his name will be set up in the House of Life, in the name of the great Sublime Life from worlds (of light?).

And Life is victorious.

[This is the prayer offered up for the masiqta oil.]


The Life dwelleth in its own radiance and light.

And Life be praised!

[This is the confirmation of the (prayer) "Yukasar chose her who passeth over". Here recite "Ye are set up and raised up" and the masiqta-hymns.]


Ye are set up and raised up into the Place where the good are established amongst manas of light, the souls called upon and raised up and signed by this masiqta and (the souls of) our fathers, our teachers, our brothers and our sisters who have departed the body, and of those who are(still) living in the body. Your manas shall be set up in the Light and ye will be established in the Light.

And Life is victorious.


In the name of the Life!

I am crowned with a wreath and lay me down

In a dress in which there is no blemish.

No spot is there in the dress,

Nor is there aught missing or lacking in it.

The Life knew about me.

Adam, who slept, awoke;

He grasped me with the palm of his right hand

And gave (not?) into my hand a palmbranch.

Light cast me into darkness,

But the darkness was filled with light.

The day that light ariseth,

Darkness returneth to its place.

The souls of this masiqta

Approach a cloud of light.

Their journey is to the Place of Light.

And Life be praised.

[This is a masiqta hymn]


  With him, with the Deliverer

  The souls of this masiqta will ascend.

  They will behold the Place of Light

  And the Everlasting Abode.

  On their road the Seven will not detain them,

  Nor will the Judge of the False question them.

  The Life will count you in His reckoning

  And the good will set you up in their midst.

  To the place to which the good go they will guide you

  And in the place in which they stand they will set you up;

  Lamps of radiance are found before you,

  Beams of light behind you.

Kushta will come at your right

  And Piety will smoothen your path.

  For you there will be loosings

  From here to the Everlasting Abode.

  For the ferry which ferries over the Elect

  Will set out towards you and take you across.

  (Then) from Abathur of the Scales

  A saviour will come forth towards you.

  The saviour that cometh towards you

  Is all radiancy and light from head to foot

  Like the wreath in his right hand.

  And on his two arms is a robe.

  Bestir yourselves! Put on your robes!

  Put on your living wreaths, gird on your girdles

  In which nothing is awry or blemished.

  Above your head there will be fruit,

  And there, at your time and season

  Your manas will be set up in the Light.

  Your manas in the Light will be set up.

  (So) rise up, behold the Place of Light!

  And Life is victorious.
  Between the Hidden and the Radiance,

  Between Light and the 'uthras,

  Between the Hidden and the Radiance

  Stand those who question the soul,

  Saying to her "Speak! say, soul,

  Who constructed thee? who was thy Builder?

  Who built thee and who was the Being, thy Creator?"

  The soul spoke and said --

  The edified, well-constructed soul spoke --

  And saith to the Being who questioneth her,

  Said to him, 'My father, One built me, One constructed me"

  One was the Being who transplanted me;

  One of the sons of salvation in his goodness

  Took (accepted) his lot (duty).

  He folded me in a wrapping of radiance,

  Took (me) and gave me over to Adam.

  Adam, in his simplicity, whilst he knew not nor understood,

  Took and cast me into a physical body;

  Took me and cast me into a physical body

  That is all sour and bitter fluids and decaying substances.

  (There) the soul remaineth and waiteth in the hostel of the body

  Which he had bequeathed her: sitteth and watcheth over it

  Till its measure and count were accomplished.

  When its measure and count were accomplished

  The Deliverer came to her;

  To her came the Deliverer

  Who loosed her and bore her away:

  (Yea), he who had bound her, who had loosed the soul,

  Went before her whom he had bound.

  Coming behind him, the soul hasted

  Reached her Deliverer, ran (after) him

  Who had bound her to her dwelling.

  The soul and her Deliverer (go):

  Her course is to the Place of Light,

  To the place whose sun goeth not down,

  Nor do its lamps of light grow dim.

  To it, and to that place, those souls

  That are called upon in this masiqta

  And signed by this sign, are summoned and invited.

  They shall behold the great Place of Light

  And the abiding Abode.

  And Life be praised.


  Bliss and peace there will be

  On the road which Adam attained:

  Bliss and peace there shall be

  On the road which the soul traverseth.

  The soul hath loosed her chain and broken her bonds;

  She hath shed her earthly garment.

  She turned round, saw it and was revolted

  She uttered an evil curse on the being

  Who had clothed her in the body.

  She provoked the Framer-of-Bodies, she roused him

  From the lair in which he lay. She said to him,

  "Rise up, look, Framer-of-Bodies;

  The hollow of thy hand is filled with water!"

  The voice of the Framer-of-Bodies (is heard),

  Who howleth and weepeth for himself

  And saith "Woe is me that the hollow of my hand

  Is filled with water!" And to her he saith

  "Go in peace, daughter of the free, whom

  In the house of evil ones they called handmaiden.

  Go in peace, pure pearl that was transported

  From the treasuries of Life;

  Go in peace, fragrant one who imparted

  Her fragrance to the stinking body.

  Go in peace, radiant one, who illumined

  Her dark house. Go in peace,

  Pure and chosen one, immaculate and spotless!"

  Flying, the soul went

  Until she reached the House of Life:

  She arrived at the House of Life.

  `Uthras went forth towards her,

  Saying to her "Take and put on thy robe of radiance

  And set on thy living wreath!

  Arise, dwell in the shkintas,

  The place where `uthras abide, conversing;

  And Life is victorious and triumphant is Manda-d-Hiia

  And lovers of his name".

  And Life be praised!


  Blessed and praised be Life

  Who is filled with compassion for these souls.

  Praised be thou, my lord, Manda-d-Hiia,

  For thou raisest up these souls and dost not condemn them.

  Praised be thou, pure Yushamin,

  For thou wilt give them thy helping hand.

  Be ye praised, Shilmai and Nidbai,

  For ye will give true witness concerning them.

  And be ye praised, Hibil, Shitil, and Anush

  For ye will ransom them from the House-of-Dues

  And from Abathur of the Scales!

  For toward you will go forth a messenger,

  And the messenger who goeth toward you

  Is all radiance and light from head to foot.

  In his right hand a kind of wreath

  And on both his arms a robe.

  Up! put on your robes, set on your living wreaths!

  Gird on your girdles that are flawless and faultless!

  Above your heads there will be fruit,

  And your lamps will hang amongst lamps of light

  And will shed light.

  The Lord of Tolls will not confront you

  Nor will lying judges put you to the question.

  They will bring you liberating words

  From here unto the Everlasting Abode,

  The building that was built for you in the House of Life,

  Will not come to nought in an age of ages!

  And may some of Manda-d-Hiia's radiance and light

  And the revivifying-breath of Life rest upon us!

  Blessed is the Voice of Life

  And praised be the great Beam which is all light.

  And Life be praised.

[After thou hast recited "The Life dwelleth in its own radiance and light", "Ye are set up", "I am crowned with a wreath and lay me down", "With him, with the Deliverer", "Between the Hidden and the Radiance", "Bliss and peace there will be", "My vigilance and my praise giving", "Go in peace, Pure Chosen one", "Well, well is it for thee, soul" and the other hymns, as many as thou art able, then recite the "Blessed and praised is Life" of Shem son of Noah.

If thou readest for (several) souls, read as it is written, but if only for one soul, say "The soul of N." and pay attention, with all watchfulness, clearness of mind and studious attention and recite "Good is the good for the good"; perform kushta with one another and recite "In great radiance am I immersed".

And pray a prayer for yourselves and make pihta and mambuha for yourselves and eat your pihta and drink your mambuha And offer up the prayer "Good is the good for the good", perform kushta with one another for yourselves and (then) honour your crowns.

And Life is victorious.]


    In the name of the Life!

  Blessed and praised be the Life!

  Blessed and praised be the name of Life in the Place of Light!

  Blessed and praised art thou, my lord, Manda-d-Hiia;

  Thou and thy strength, thy radiance, thy light, thy glory and thy help.

  Praised art thou, my father Yushamin the Pure,

  Son of a transplanting of the mighty Life.

  Praised art thou, Second Life, Life that is from Life.

  Praised are ye, Shilmai and Nidbai, guardian 'uthras of the jordan.

  Praised are ye, Nsab and Anan-Nsab.

  (Praised are) our fathers Hibil, Shitil and Anush

  The name and chief of the whole race.

  Praised art thou, Lofty Abathur;

  Blessed and established is the great shkinta in which thou sittest.

  Praised are ye four beings, sons of Perfection, who go to meet the good;

  Go forth to meet the good and clothe the good with robes.

  Praised art thou, Earth of Light and blessed and praised Those

                                           who dwell in thee.

  Blessed art thou, Road of the great, path of the perfect

  And track that riseth up to the Place of Light.

  Blessed art thou, Nasirutha from whom the elect learn;

  From thee learn the elect, and deal out reward and pious gift

  They deal with reward and pious gift and rise up and behold the

                                                 Place of light.

  Praised art thou, jordan of living water, for from thee we obtain


  We obtain purity from thee and receive the pure sign.

  My fathers beheld the Life and my teacher the Place of Light.

  The 'uthras of light are victorious,

  And victorious Abathur and the sons of Perfection

  Who stand, praising the Life.

  Enlargement of life there shall be for the believing

  Who have departed out of our midst;

  The believers, the poor, the lowly and priests.

  And my lord Manda-d-Hiia will lend them his helping hand.

  Thankfully received are the good gifts (tabuta) of life,

  The good gifts of life and of knowledge of life,

  The pihla that ..... at the name of the Life.

  For any man who giveth an oblation,

  His oblation will be his helper: elect and perfect men

  Who bestow oblations will rise by Kushta's path.

  To them it shall be given.

  Of the Ether-wreath they twisted them a wreath

  Of speech and hearing, of joy, purity, goodness and greatness.

  A wreath from the Vine Ruaz He will set on the heads

  Of those souls called on, signed, and raised up by this masiqta;

  (And the souls of) our fathers, our teachers, our brothers and

  our sisters, of those who have departed the body and those

  who are yet in the body:

  (A wreath like that) set on Its head by the Great (Life)

  And by the Great (Life) given to 'uthras

  And given by 'uthras to their priests.

  Healer, whose medicine is water, come!

  Be thou a healer to thy devotees,

  To thy devotees be thou a healer

  And to him that giveth oblation be thou a helper:

  On him whom thou hast healed, do thou,

  My lord, bestow soundness.

  Behold him who standeth before thee and condemn him not.

  My Lord, High King of Light, Revealer

  Whose eyes are uncovered, seeking justice

  And enacting justice for those who love it,

  Do justice on those who persecute us,

  Those persecutors who pursue us,

  And on the wicked and furious ones

  Who scheme to work evil upon us.

  If it please Thee, High King of Light,

  Look on us and condemn us not!

  Behold these souls who believed in Thee

  And for Thy name's sake stood by on earth

  And were persecuted. Show us pure ether-air

  So that we may forget earthly persecution,

  That we may forget the persecution of earth

  And the vexation of the wicked and liars.

  Strengthen our insight, our voice, our vigilance and our praise!

  Thereby the Great Life communed with thee

  And set thee up completely (?) with His radiance

  And His light, Manda-d-Hiia!

  And may the vivifying-power of Life rest upon us.

  My elect, ye shall say "Blessed be the Voice of Life

  And praised be the great Beam which is all light!"

    And Life be praised!

[This is the "Blessed and praised be the Life" of Shem son of Noah. Afterwards, read here "Blessed and praised be Life" of the souls, and then recite "Good is the Good for the good".]


Good is the Good for the good, and His nature is set upon those who love His name. We will seek and find, speak and be heard. We have sought and found, have spoken and been heard in thy presence, my lord, Manda-d-Hiia, Lord of all healings.

Forgive him his sins, trespasses, follies, stumblings and mistakes and (those of) him who furnished this bread, masiqta and (ritual) food. My lord, Manda-d-Hiia and (Thou) Great First Life, forgive the sins trespasses, follies, stumblings and mistakes of the donor(s) of fee and oblation, and their wives, children, their priests and those who placed (brought) this bread and food; (likewise) you, my parents, teachers, instructors and preceptors when ye support from the Left to the Right. And ye shall say "Life be established in Its Dwellings and Life be praised; Life is victorious over all works.

[Recite this "Good is the Good for the good" when thou readest a masiqta. When thou performest a baptism recite it, when thou distributest oil recite it, when thou recitest the Rahmia ("Devotions" recite it, and after the Rahmia. And recite it when thou partakest of the (ritual) dish.

And Life is victorious.

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