The Mandean Book of John the Baptizer

Chapter 2.

John`s Proclamation concerning himself and his
assumption of the Prophet`s mantle.

Yahya proclaims in the nights, Yôhânâ on the Night`s evenings.

Yahya peoclaims in the nights and says:
Through my Father`s discourses I give light and through the
praise of the Man, my creator. I have freed my soul from
the world and from the works that are hateful and wrong.
The Seven (rulers/planitary spirits) put question to me

, the Dead who have not seen Life, and they said unto me;
"In whose strenght dost thou stand there, and with whose
praise dost thou make proclamation?"
Thereupon gave to them answer:
I stand in the strenght of my Father and with the praise of
the Man, my creator. I have built no house in Judea,
I have set up no throne in Jerusalem. I have not loved the
wreath of the roses, not commerce with lovely women.
I have not loved the defective (deficiency)
, not loved
the cup of the drunkards. I have loved no food of the body,
and envy has found no place in me. I have not forgotten
my night-prayer, not forgotten the wondrous Jordan.
I have not forgotten my baptizing, not forgotten my pure sign.
I have not forgotten Sun-day, and the Day`s evening has not
condemned me. I have not forgotten Shilmai and Nidbai,
who dwell in the House of the Mighty.
They clear me and let me ascend ;
they know no fault, no defect in me

When Yahya said this, Life rejoiced over him greatly.
The Seven sent him their greeting and the Twelve made obeisance before him.
They said to him: "Of all these words which thou hast spoken,
thou hast not said a single one falsely. Delightful and fair is thy voice
, and none is equal to thee. Fair is thy discourse
in thy mouth and
precious is thy speech, which has been bestowed upon thee.
The vesture which First Life did give unto Adam, the Man, the vesture
which First Life did give unto Râm, the Man, the vesture which
First Life did give unto Shurbai, the Man, the vesture First Life
did give unto Shum Bar Nû
(Shem,son of Noah) has He
given now unto thee. He hath given it thee, O Yahya, that thou
mayest ascend, and with thee may those descend * * * * * * *
The house of the defect  (thy body) will be left behind in the desert
Everyone who shall be found sinless, will ascend unto thee,
in the Region of Light,; he who is not found sinless,
will be called to account in the guard-houses.



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