The Mandaean Book of John the Baptizer

Of Judgment Day

Chapter 8.
(The Chapters 5 through 7 is missing.)

Yahya proclaims in the nights,Yôhânâ in the evening of the night.

YAHYA proclaims and speaks : "Ye nobles, who lie there, ye ladies, who
will not awaken - ye who lie there, what will you do on the Day of Judgment?
When the soul strips off the body, on Judgment-Day, what will you do?
O thou distracted, jumbled-up world in ruin! Thy men die, and thy false
scriptures are closed. Where is Adam, the First Man, who was here head of
the aeon?  Where is Hawwâ (Eve), his wife, out of whom the world
was awakened to life? Where is Shittil (Seth), son of Adam, out
of whom worlds and aeons rose? Where is Râm and Rûd, who belonged
to the Age of the Sword? Where are Shurbai and Sharhab-êl, who belonged to
the Age of the Fire? Where is Shum bar Nû (Shem, son of Noah), who
belonged to the Age of the Flood?
All have departed and have not returned and taken their seats as
Guardians in this world.
The Last Day is like a feast-day,  for which the worlds and the aeons are waiting.
The Planets like fatted oxen, who stand there for the Day of the Slaughter.
The children of this world are like fat rams, who stand in the markets for sale.
But as for my friends, who pay homage to Life, their sins and transgressions
shall bve forgiven them."

And Life is Victorious.



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