The Mandaean Book of John the Baptizer

The Letter of Truth

Chapter 9.

I take no delight in the aeons,
I take no delight in all of the worlds,
I take no delight in the aeons.
* * * * * * * * * * * * ** * * * * *
by the Letter of Truth which has come hither.

They took the Letter and put it in the hand
of the Jews. They opened it, read in it
and see that it does not contain what they would,
that it does not contain what their soul wills.
They took the letter and put it in the hand of Yôhânâ,
saying: " Take , Rabbe Yôhânâ, Truth`s Letter, which has come here
to thee from thy Father."
Yôhânâ opened it and read it and saw in it a
wondrous writing.
He opened it and read in it
and became full of life.
"This is, what I would, and this does my Soul will" He said.

Yôhânâ has left his body ; his brothers make
proclamations, his brothers proclaim unto him on the
Mount, on Mount Karmel. They took the Letter and
brought it to the Mount, to Mount Karmel.
They read out of the Letter to them and explain
to them the writing - to Yaqif and Beni-Amin and Shumêl.
They assembled on Mount Karmel.

* * * * * * * * * * * * ** * * * * *

Gnosis of Life (Manda D Haiyye) who is far from the height (writes):

"I have come unto thee, O Soul, whom Life has sent into this world.
In the robes of the Eight went I into the world.
I went in the vesture of Life and came into the world. The Vesture
I brought of the Seven, I went as far as the Eight.
The vesture of the Seven I took and took hold of the Eight with my hand.
I have taken them and I take them, and I will take them and not let them go.
I have taken them and hold them fast, and the wicked spirits shall change into good.

Wherefore do ye weep, O ye generations, wherefore weep ye, O peoples?
Wherefore fadeth thy splendour? For you have I brought my Image,
I betook myself into the world."

And Life is Victorious.



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